BMW DIS V57 SSS V32 TIS Gt1 INPA Diagnostic Tool

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BMW Dis V57 SSS V32 TIS Gt1 INPA Ediabas Dealer Diagnostic Cable With Software (50000465)

  • Diagnostic Kit for BMW cars made from 1995 - 2006 
  • Unique 1 Click Menu driven Installer and Launcher
  • Best Quality Diagnostic cable (with built in surge protector)
  • Comes complete with everything you need

Product Description

This Cable and Software set allows full CodingProgramming and Diagnostics for your BMW.  The package contains everything you need to communicate to your BMW, as a dealer would in a workshop but allow you to do it using your own laptop and saving you on expensive dealer diagnostic fees  Did you know - If your BMW was built after 2005 the chances are that you get your car battery replaced you will need it coding to your car which means taking it to a dealer to get this done.   This tool will allow you to do this yourself and is just one of the many examples of how this cable will save you money and avoiding costly visits with dealers and specialist.

This package will diagnose faults and tell you how to carry out the necessary repairs.  This package also includes a our unique 1 click installer package which automates the installation process from start to finish so you don't have to follow a complicated and lengthy installation guide (often 60+ pages).    Everything you need to get up and running is included with this set.     This cable set uses the latest quality chip set and also comes with the latest drivers.   It plugs in directly into your USB port for simplicity and ease of use.


  • INPA v5.0.6
  • Ediabas v7.3.0
  • DIS 
  • SSS Progman v32
  • NCS Expert v4.0.1
  • WinKFP v5.3.1
  • Toolset32 v4.0.3
  • TIS (Latest version)
  • Navcoder (Trial)