Mini Live GPS Tracker for Mobile Phone

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Live GPS Tracker for Mobile Phone to Track Assets/People/Pets


GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device that combines GPS technology GSM. The device is centered around the SMS, which you use to receive location information and to control all the functions of the Tracker. Housed inside a SIM card, which in fact will respond, via SMS, to commands. Alternatively you can use a GPRS connection.

The locator communicate their position with the coordinates (longitude and latitude) that can be placed on Google Maps, creating a link to be used directly from any smartphone browser.

Can be used to know, in real time, the position of passenger cars, motorcycles, Pets, People etc.

Beyond that, the device offers many other useful functions for tracking and real-time control.

It supports both GPS positioning and GSM localization.

When a GPS signal is available, it will use the GPS to locate the target of monitoring.

Once there is no GPS signal, eg in the garage, but there is GSM signal received from a GSM modem nearby, you can send the tracker SMS to get its location and coordinates.

The package contains:

1 x GPS Tracker
1 x Charging Dock
1 x User Manual in English
1 x USB Charge Cable